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Medical Robotics

Bone cutting (osteotomy) is extensively used in straightening bone deformities, extending bone length, artificial joint implants applications, and removal of bone regions inflicted on by tumors, infections, and other similar agents. It is important to accomplish the bone cutting operation with minimal error and with least damage to the surrounding tissues. However, existing systems can not successfully accomplish such aims. In many cases, the bone cutting cannot be accomplished in the desired manner, and, the blood vessels and nerves around the bone are injured. It is certainly important to decrease such complications in bone cutting operations. Recent research in orthopedic surgeries indicates that computer-assisted robotic systems have shown that robots may improve the precision and accuracy of the surgery which in turn leads to better long-term outcomes
The aim of this project is to desig and develop a robotic system (called OrthoRoby) for use in orthopedic operations. Real-time experiments are performed on a bone model to evaluate the proposed robotic system.

Yeditepe University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
26 Ağustos Yerleşimi, Kayışdağı Cad. 34755 Ataşehir, İstanbul