\ Surgical Interface

Surgical Interface

The aim of I-SUR project is to develop general methods for cognitive surgical robots capable of combining sensing, dexterity and cognitive capabilitie s to carry out autonomously simple surgical actions, such as puncturing, cutting and suturing. We design a surgical interface to be used for cryoablation of a kidney with a robotic system. The developed surgical interface is evaluated using an eye-tracking system with medical doctors of those are urologists or radiologists.
This project was an international one under European Union 7th Framework Programme-ICT-2009-Call 6 called Intelligent Surgical Robotics (I-SUR).  The project was held with the cooperation of Universita Degli Studi Di Verona (Italy), Fondazione Centro San Raffaele Del Monte Tabor (Italy), Tallinna Tehnikaulikool (Estonia), Oslo Universitetssykehus Hf (Norway) and Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (Switzerland) and Yeditepe University. Details of the project can be found in http://www.isur.eu/.

Yeditepe University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
26 Ağustos Yerleşimi, Kayışdağı Cad. 34755 Ataşehir, İstanbul